Welcome To The Apocalypse


In a dark time, the eye begins to see-Roethke

Apocalypse comes to us from the Greek apocalypsis, meaning to uncover and unveil. Now, as James Berger reminds us in After the End, apocalypse has three meanings. First, it is the actual imagined end of the world, whether in Revelations or in Hollywood blockbusters. Second, it comprises the catastrophes, personal or historical, that are said to resemble that imagined final ending-the Chernobyl meltdown or the Holocaust. Finally, it is a disruptive event that provokes revelation. The apocalyptic event, Berger explains, in order to be truly apocalyptic, must in its disruptive moment clarify and illuminate “the true nature of what has been brought to end.” It must be revelatory.  Apocalypse by Junot Diaz

I have come to the end of me.

The intent of this blog is to peer into the ruins of myself-behind the veils of denial in an attempt at revelation. Illumination.

So, welcome…to the apocalypse.