In God’s Image

Mortal coil2

In the mirror we see our reflection–a means in which we are to look and see ourselves. Part of the task of this our life’s journey is to go beyond the surface image to find out what lies beneath.

I suppose the question is what will I find. And when I find it, whether good or bad, can I accept what is there?

Created in God’s image. Of course the bible is not speaking of this so easily shed mortal coil–but the inner, hidden self. Gnawing hunger that cannot be filled. A craving on the inside of me that is always unmet. Constant longing. Something is lost–and I feel the lack of it. So I search. For what? God? Myself? But, I’m right here and so is God. Maybe in the end I’ve not been searching…but running.

And yet I carry hidden in my heart God’s words of love, peace and comfort. And life.