Launch The Soul

The waves of life have crashed into me lo these last forty years that I have sojourned on this earth and I’m the worse for wear. Soon after turning forty I started to have episodes where a wave of anxiety would wash over me and I couldn’t catch my breath and I would have to take a moment to do some deep breathing and talk myself off the cliff. Literally panicked that I didn’t have a plan for my future. My life. Hello, midlife crisis.

I, like Icarus, want to don wings and take flight. Escape, soar toward the sun. But, how does one “launch the soul” without the sun, also like Icarus, burning your wings only to fall back to earth and being dashed upon the rocks. This is the fear that paralyzes me.

Fear. Panic. Trapped in this dark box buried and gasping for air.

Then there are those moments, so blessed and precious when I look into the light and breathe. Look into the light and breathe, look into the light and breathe, look into the light and breathe…