Eden by a Landfill


Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

I haven’t pursued happiness. Not in any sense of these are the things I need to be happy in this life and this is what I’m going to do to achieve said happiness. No real reason for that—certainly not from some self- loathing “I’m not deserving of love or happiness.” Mercifully, I’ve avoided such thoughts that can creep into our minds and souls. Mainly, I guess, because I feel like so much of life is a crap shoot and pretty much pre-determined by birth. Some young black girls have the good fortune to have a president for their father and some young black girls are born with their father in prison. And regardless of what the American dream narrative says those black girls with the president father definitely found the ‘Golden Ticket’ to a happy and successful and fulfilled life over the other. So what then, if one happens to have not to hit  the metaphorical lottery in life and happiness seems as elusive as clutching at water running through your hands, how do you find your Eden by a Landfill?

Obviously what makes a person happy is as different and varied as there are people on this planet–But I think we can agree—or I hope we can agree that happiness is more a state of being gleaned not from our outward circumstances but an inner peace arrived at from those moments in life of love, connection and purpose and being content with wherever we find ourselves in life.

“He chose to laugh in agony rather than sob in agony about how irresistible forces, whether physical or economic or biological or political or social or military or historical or technological, can at anytime smash our hopes for moderately happy and healthy lives for ourselves and our loved ones to smithereens.”

“The Last Tasmanian” by Kurt Vonnegut

—God, I love a great Vonnegut quote.