Butterflies, Jesus, The End and a questionable transformation

Rows of butterfly cocoons

Is this then how it ends?

Like many people, I am drawn to butterflies because of the metamorphosis entailed in their life cycle. The ugly land bound caterpillar transforming into the beautiful butterfly that can now simply spread its wings and take flight on the winds of summer. Same reason I’m drawn to Christianity. Well one of many reasons I love Jesus. Dying with Christ to my old self and being born again…washed clean. No matter what your beliefs, there’s something about the concept of resurrection that strikes at the core of human desire.

I started this blog with the purpose of writing down my year of self- discovery. This was going to be the year I transformed my life. As my year of blogging ends, the circumstances of my life remain exactly the same. Not a bad life, but nevertheless unchanged. There is a part of me that says I don’t need some greater purpose to justify my existence here, I can just say life is good in itself.  Sadly, something is missing. I know it should not be so, but it is. The life I have is not enough for me.

People can get stuck in things and not find the right way to get themselves out. Is destiny inevitable, something that comes to us eventually? Can I sit around and wait on destiny to act or do I have to act on the behalf of destiny?  I don’t have the answer to those questions, I do know the spark of faith has been ignited within me.

The old gods are dead and new gods have arisen.