I Can’t Get Enough

Wooden bridge

I can’t get enough of the Fall.

The combination of crisp air and warm sunny days that give your body that exhilarating feeling of being oddly both warm and cold at the same time. The leaves floating down from atop the tree canopy like falling rain and the crunch sound they make when you walk over a group of them. The prickly feeling of the pine cones in my hand. The birds chirping all around me providing the soundtrack for my walk. I also can’t get enough of the feeling of community. The older Asian couple that smile sweetly as the pass me. The young Caucasian  father and his toddler aged little girl that play on the swings and watch the train pass by on the tracks that border the park. The middle-aged Indian couple walking hand in hand. And then there is me, young(ish) black woman. It is in these moments that I see the connection between us all, the categories and divisions dissolving away. Joy in commonality, connection and community and I feel at peace. Yet, there is sadness there as well, if only it were as simple as a morning walk in the park to do away with wars, murders, discrimination, divisions and hatred.  I am not naive enough to believe it ever could be that simple, so I am thankful for the moment. I can’t get enough of the Fall and an ever growing love for humanity.