The Woman


It’s a beautiful Fall morning, a crisp breeze drifts into the kitchen through the open window. The woman looking out the window stares up into the cerulean sky at the rising sun, her mind a blank. The glass of water she is holding slips from her grasp crashing to the floor. Glass shatters and water spills over the tile. She bends down wiping the glass and water up with the dish towel and then after wringing out the excess water lays the towel out on the counter to dry. The water molecules in the towel begin to evaporate, the vapors floating upward into the sky becoming one with the clouds. Cumulus clouds drift slowly, gently over the course of the day to the other side of town turning dark and more ominous as the day goes by. The man walks outside, taking his trash out to the receptacle. He looks up into the sky at the threatening clouds just as they open up and the rain begins to fall, a furrow briefly crosses his brow, he hesitates for just a moment, allowing the rain to wash over him before he turns and re-enters the house.