Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust.

Elements. That’s all we are really. Majority Oxygen, Hydrogen and Carbon with about 25 other minor and trace elements thrown in. Sometimes I am shocked at the much ado about water and soot-ashes-dust that is made. Of course human beings arent’t simply water and dirt, we are so much more than that, right? We are our loves and increasingly of late from the police murders( which have always been happening but thanks to video we as a country are being forced to confront it), the rise of The Islamic State and our collective desire to deny refugees a safe haven from the genocide that is happening in Syria-300,000 dead and counting, we are being defined by our hate. To turn on the nightly news is to make one feel as though there is a distinct uptick in the level of evil in the world. I am unsure if that’s true though, since Cain slew Abel humans have hated and killed. God says to combat evil with good- combat evil with love. Agape, a self-forgetting type of love. It’s not natural or easy to love in this manner, we have to choose to love in this way. Daily. And when it’s the end of days for me, I hope, I pray, I am able to say isn’t life lovely, amidst all the evil and darkness wasn’t it all just so damn outrageously beautiful.