Background of grunge american flag with dirt and blood

“I often said ‘Wake up!’ to myself, and many people also have cried, ‘Wake, wake!’ As if I had a dozen eyes, and stubbornly kept them sealed. ‘Ye have eyes and see not.’ This, of course was absolutely true.” –Humboldt’s Gift by Saul Bellow

White Americans in Appalachia living with no jobs, some without even indoor plumbing in the 21st century turning to and dying from heroin because it’s better than a slow death in forgotten America.

Black Americans decimated in the inner cities, coping with food deserts, apartheid schools and housing segregation. The “war on drugs” turned into a war on it’s citizens through ‘stop and frisk’ and the incarceration state.

The indigenous people of this land still living on reservations in 2017, fighting just to have clean water. Combating rampant alcoholism and health issues, forgotten by the country until it’s time to put on an “indian” costume every Halloween.

The invisible immigrant Latino population, hated and disparaged by the country, unless they are working on our farms or construction sites for below minimum wage so food prices remain low and we can afford our McMansion new homes. American hypocrisy.

Stand for your people, yo

Stand, lift your brother up, it’s time lift your sister up

Stand for your people, yo

We can give another fuck

Message to America

So disappointing, we all disappointed

—-I Believe by T.I.