The revolution will not be televised

img_0002 The revolution will not be televised.

The revolution will not be televised because the next revolution will happen from within, not outside of man, but inside his heart. I have to hold onto this, for I have lost all faith in man and his institutions. One need only turn on the news to see that the inmates are running the asylum and I don’t mean just Trump, though granted a lot Trump, but the left refuses to see and own their culpability in this mess. Town hall after town hall telling us what we already know, that the country has problems but never a solution. A lot of shouting and entrenchment, zero open and honest discourse to find common ground.

So what then is the answer? A good start is choosing to walk in love. And I don’t mean any of the absolute ridiculousness of Valentines Day or romantic love, Eros and finding your soulmate or “the one”. I mean kindness and charity, empathy and putting the well being of your fellow man above yourself. Agape. Radical ideas from a man 2000 years ago that are, sadly, radical ideas today. Love isn’t a feeling, it’s a verb and an action. Love is a choice. One that goes against our natural inclination to think of our own wants and desires first. It’s not easy this kind of love , it’s something hard to do, but it’s our only hope.