The Women

IMG_1193From left to right: me, my sister, niece and mother.

The women. These are the women in my immediate family. The only women in my life that can call forth all the love within me and the only women that have deeply pained me, in their fashion. God help me if I ever have to live without them in my life.

Women, where to begin on the subject. Too much to mine, so much to say.

Should I write about Feminism? I am a feminist  and to be quite honest nothing else needs to be said about that.

Beauty? and the inherent competition women feel with each other over beauty and how so much, too much of our self worth is tied to being thin and beautiful. David Foster Wallace said if you put your self worth on the outer self, looks, you will die a thousand times before the last. For myself I have run that truth through my head a thousand times, proclaimed it to other women a thousand and one times and myself looked in the mirror and died a thousand and two times because in that moment I didn’t like the image reflected back at me.

Equality? Yes, equality. Working in healthcare it is still the norm that your nurse will be a woman( I’m a nurse) and your doctor will be a man. Progress is being made, the times are changing, more and more it is becoming common to see a surgeon who is a black woman and your nurse be a white man. We must smash gender stereotypes.

But, mainly I want women to be kind to each other, love each other. I get it, ours is a relationship that is fraught and complicated, so as much as one is able, I hope we stop judging and condemning; be gentle, kind, forgiving and loving with each other, for we are one. Look deeper, see beyond the surface.

After all, as the song says ‘We all got a little bit of ho in us’. —Calling All by Phantogram