The News(Stop That Train)

IMG_1478The News ( Stop That Train)

When you died I was reading Whitman


While you died I was miles away,

thousands of deserts and oceans

and mountains and plain.

When you went I was reading aloud the end

to a crowd trying

to, remember how grief once felt,

wanting to forget,

wanting not to.

While you went about that dangerous road

on your way was it to the sea

I was saying Look for me under your boot soles.

Caked with mud.

Caked with mud the color

of blood, the picture much

later I saw of your truck

totaled, towed

by what was left

of the axles–

Your passenger brother’s breath a miracle.

When you died I was reading aloud

for the dead, for what

I had almost believed

and then the world went

And did this. I cannot forgive this world, its gear’s unsteady turn,

that day’s sun that shone

While you died trying to get home.

—Kevin Young