no one gets out alive

IMG_0942What can one make of a world that rounds up wild horses to make dog food?

—Arthur Miller

I have been re-reading Charles Bukowski. As a teenager I was obsessed with him and after Oscar Wilde and Kurt Vonnegut, he was a favorite read. Drawn to all the rawness of his writing and of course all the drinking and sex. I see him through new eyes now…eyes of understanding. The need to drink to numb himself, the recluse who after coming into contact with the world and all it’s sordidness had to separate to save himself. His humanity and love that was able to see beauty in life’s ugliness draws me now. In his work I see through his eyes of understanding and even a little bit of mercy. Jesus also looked at the world through eyes of love, mercy and understanding. Jesus and Bukowski are similar in that way, but they chose totally different paths. Bukowski lost himself in sex and alcohol and shut himself off from the world. Jesus, while here in this world, as a man filled with the Holy Spirit, saw the brutality and the hatreds, and the divisions and the ugliness of man, chose a more perfect way. And make no mistake, He was given a choice and he chose to live with mercy and tenderness; to live with love, kindness and understanding. And not only to show us a better way, but now as God on His throne to give us grace and power, through His Holy Spirit to live that way. The same power that gave Jesus strength to live a life of love and mercy and tenderness and that was a light in the darkness, is ours for the asking. But we have to want it, we have to choose it.