While They Were Sleeping

IMG_1384Play my tunes loud enough to shake the room,

what’s the hold up?

heard the world is ending soon I assumed that they told ya

They tryna dinosaur us

So now it’s time to go up

The sky’s falling baby

Drop that ass ‘fore it crash

All these liberated women sitting in my lap

I’m finna catch a body like I got a gun and badge

I’m finna turn Obama to my patna ‘fore he dash

Pull up to his pad, wipe my ass with the flag

I’m just playing, baby, this the land of the free

Where you can get a glock  and a gram for the cheap

Where you can live your dream long as you don’t look like me

Be a puppet on a string, hanging from a fucking tree

Ascension by Gorillaz

The country wakes up every morning to the leading headline being Trump’s latest asinine and meaningless tweet…in case no one ever told you a tweet is not policy and holds zero power. Social media all aflame with “political” twitter wars, if you get in a fight online saying mean and vicious and hurtful things to strangers, just know that I think you are mentally disturbed. Laughter and jokes over the latest meme or late night talk show host joke or SNL skit making fun of the chaos of the Trump White House. But while the country has been sleeping and laughing, Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s justice department has gotten rid of consent decrees, which is a tool used to help reform police departments that have a  history of bad policing tactics. And determined that the best way to solve the issue of inner city violence is with more violence and police brutality. They have strengthened civil forfeiture guidelines, they have officially stopped fighting for voting rights in the courts and started fighting against affirmative action in the courts. I hope Trump does fire the very racist Jeff Sessions. The Trump administration has also appointed  federal and appellate court judges at a dizzying pace and the courts are being shaped in such a way that this country is going to be untenable for black, brown and gay people as our rights get stripped away. Trump is right, his administration has been busy, and has a long list of “accomplishments”… to our peril.